Our Vision

We deliver satisfaction through new perspectives!


We believe that there is the perfect employee for every job and the perfect job for every person. ​

That kind of search can be like the needle in the haystack. And this is where we come in. ​

HI² GmbH has the ambition to bring companies and people together – even across continents. ​


Working closely together with various NGOs, we are able to seek out people who are talented and highly qualified. Experts in their field or on the way to become one. ​

Since the social aspect is particularly important to us, we support people ​before, during and after finding a job, e.g. through trainings, further education opportunities and mentoring.​

We have people’s best interests at heart, which is why we help our candidates among things like​

  • creating a professional CV​
  • preparing for interviews​
  • finding the right language course​
  • relocation, if necessary​
  • in case of relocation: search and integrate into a community of like-minded people ​

It is very important for us to stay in contact with our candidates after a successful placement. ​

We find the right candidate for the right company and the right company for the right candidate, worldwide

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